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Home of the Body Candle, Bubble Candles & Other Fun Candles

Welcome to The Luxe Candle. We would love you to take a look through our product range and we hope that you find the perfect gift or addition to your home. We specialise in the popular body candles, offering not only 'classic' figures but also male body candles, curvy shaped candles and pregnancy candles. We also have a range of bubble shape candles, candlesticks and seasonal ranges.

All of our candles are hand-poured, using soy blend wax and cotton wicks, making them 100% vegan.

Customer service is our main focus as we love to see a happy customer and your social media posts of the candles in your homes, therefore we aim to get all orders shipped out within 7 days of placing your order. 

Benefits & Uses For Candles

Candles have many benefits, they are not just simply an addition to your home to make it look more stylish but have many other benefits. We have listed a few reasons below why we think a candle is more than just a candle.

  • Mental Health - Candles containing calming essential oils are proven to improve your mood.)

  • Romance - For centuries people have used candles to create a romantic atmosphere, even a simple tealight candle can improve a date setting.

  • Lighting - Although this is not the most safety conscious way to light your home, candles are a cheap way and much cooler way to light up a room.

  • Gifts - If you are stuck for a gift, a candle will work for any occasion.

  • Bad Odours - Cooked a meal and the smell is lingering? Light a candle! Some scents, such as citrus scents work really well at getting rid of any bad smells.

  • At Home Spa - Turn on some spa music, fill a bath and light a candle. A cheaper alternative to going to the spa.

  • Style - A candle is a cheap option to add style to any room, they come in so many colours you can easily change your candle depending on your theme.

There are so many other reasons to use candles but these are a few of our favourite, alternative ways to use a candle.

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